Badminton: Sponsorship Manager


Badminton in the UK is not cheap. Each court in Ethos costs 9£ to rent, meaning our average session costs the club 36£. This is discounting any other costs we have, such as replacing shuttlecocks, repairing/replacing club rackets that are lost/broken, and any other overhead we might have. I am aware that the club already has several sponsors that subsidizes our costs, including things such as shuttlecocks, but... read more
Hi I am Hanqing, if you have been to any club sessions, you probably have met me before on the court! I think the Imperial College Badminton Union is the best sport society at Imperial. I enjoyed the club sessions, social events, and the environment of playing badminton together at Ethos. I want to get involved in and contribute to the Imperial College Badminton Union because I love here sooooo much! The role of... read more