Aeronautics: President


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Hello, Aeronauts! My name is Jawwad and as I enter my final year at this department, I hope to serve as your next Aerosoc President. Most of you probably know me best as your Department Wellbeing Rep and for getting the games in our common room. However, what you probably don’t know is the work that went on behind the scenes on the student satisfaction project where I’ve worked closely with the department and ex-... read more
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Hello Aeronauts! I’m Ramana, a second-year running to be your next AeroSoc President! I believe I have the attitude and aptitude to fulfill this role effectively, and my leadership experiences put me in good stead. In the past year, as the AeroSoc Industrial Liaisons Officer, I’ve organised numerous career talks and site tours, and have also secured major sponsorship deals from Airbus, Mercedes AMG, and Rolls... read more
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