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What is Give it a Go?

Give it a Go is an exciting programme run by Clubs, Societies and Projects to offer all students a taste of the activities they offer before buying memberships. The events are designed to help you get involved and discover which activities are right for you in a fun, pressure-free format.  

Give it a Go is about trying something you’ve always wanted to but never had the chance. With one of the largest and most diverse range of clubs and societies in the UK, Imperial is the perfect place to dive into the world of the unknown and discover something new!   

When is it?

Give it a Go 2022 will take place over two weeks:  Wednesday 5th - Sunday 16th October.

CSPs will be at the Welcome Fair on 4th October so we encourage you to approach groups and ask about taster sessions if you are interested. You can also browse the full timetable of Give it a Go events by visiting the Union ‘What’s On’ page. 

AND check our socials @icunion and group pages for more information! 

What can I get involved in?

We are host to lots of student groups at Imperial College Union with a variety of activities on offer, from Drama to Snowsports, Poker to Chickens, Gaming to Caving, there’s something for everyone. Take a look at our current A to Z list of Clubs, Societies and Projects here

If you are unsure which of our 380+ CSPs are for you, don’t worry!  Give it a Go is split into six interest areas to make it easier for you to find an activity suited to you. 

The categories are:

  • Share Your Culture

    IC Union is a vibrant multi-cultural body and we aim to have a student-led community representative of this. If you would like to find a piece of home at Imperial or are just curious about other cultures, GIAG Culture events are the perfect way to connect with others.

  • Get Active (Including Sports Trials)

    Keeping active is not only good for the body but it is extremely good for the mind! Our wide range of clubs cater to all abilities, whether you are interested in competing or just keeping fit and socialising, you should give our Active events a Go.

  • Give it Another Go

    GIAG isn’t just for freshers. You can get involved in our CSPs at any point so your uni experience can be whatever you make it. If you are feeling something is missing, you want to get more active or you are interested in branching out, it’s not too late! Don’t worry if you don’t see these sessions from your chosen CSPs though - you are welcome at any regular GIAG session too.

  • Meet the Committee

    If you would like to meet the committees, get to know members and find out about opportunities within our volunteering Projects, we just know they would love to meet you too! Look out for these sessions on the ‘What’s On’ calendar.

  • Learn a Skill

    GIAG is all about trying new things, and many of our societies offer great opportunities to build on your personal expertise, allowing you to learn a craft or skill you may not otherwise have the opportunity to. This category is broad and allows you to see that our societies offer more than meets the eye.

  • Explore

    It’s very easy to get stuck in the Imperial bubble. Here you’ll find a vast range of opportunities to explore some beautiful parts of the UK and beyond. These activities run from beginner to advanced so take this opportunity to be adventurous at all experience levels.

  • Relax and Socialise

    If events and practical activity aren’t your thing, CSPs still have lots to offer you. Getting involved in Union groups is a great way of making friends and socialising outside of your studies with lots of students across the University.

  • Be Creative

    From ACapella to Calligraphy, and from Sinfonietta to Comedy Society, we have a huge range of creative societies here at Imperial. Give it a Go Create shows that Imperial isn’t just all about being in the lab, we’re a creative bunch too!

How to sign up to a Give it a Go Event

  • Visit our Union What's On page to see the calendar of upcoming events. 
  • Browse the events on offer and click on those you would like to sign up to.
  • Follow the sign-up instructions on each event page.
  • You can keep up to date with event information via the CSPs social media. 

It’s as simple as that! You will be all set to attend your taster sessions so do look out for updates from the groups about dates, times and meeting places. 

Committee members should be around to meet you on the day and take you to the events but if you are unsure you can message the groups directly via there social media channels. 

Remember to have fun, be adventurous, and you never know, you might find a new hobby! 

Attended a Taster Session? What's Next?

If you loved your taste of CSP events and want to learn more about our groups, our Union website has so much useful information for everything Clubs, Societies and Projects related. 

Already hooked? Amazing! 

To continue being a part of our fantastic CSP events and activities, memberships are available to purchase through the individual group webpages.  CSPs are always excited to welcome new members of all backgrounds and abilities. 

Missed out? Think again!

Whether you choose to be a part of Give it a Go in September or not, memberships can be purchased year round so don’t feel pressure to decide straight away. 

CSPs may choose to run more Give it a Go, taster-style events throughout the year so look out for these on the ‘What’s On’ page. 

Who to Contact

For more information, check our our socials @icunion

The Activities Team are always happy to help, so drop us a message or contact us:

We would love to hear you from you and we really hope you enjoy Give it a Go!