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We Are Metric Application

We Are Metric is your opportunity to host an event in our nightclub Metric, they showcase the best of our Clubs, Societies & Projects and their activities and interests.

A great way to raise the profile of your group

Hosting one of these events will be a great way to raise the profile of your group although the theme of the event doesn’t have to be tied into your group’s core activities; it could simply be an idea you’ve had that you think others will enjoy taking part in so there’s plenty of room to get creative. 

Although we want as many ideas and people to take part in this process as possible, there are also some things we don’t want. We would like events that people can take part in and enjoy - this is what these events are all about! However, we don’t want events that people just come along for just our drink promotions and these events are not an opportunity for nightclub promoters.

In the past there have been many successful events, such as:

  • Imperial Idol
  • Kablam (Felix Music Night)
  • Wikipedia Races

For some the scale of some events may seem a bit intimidating, however this shouldn’t put you off, whilst you will need to do a lot of the work yourselves we have an excellent team of staff that are available to help you plan, promote and manage your event.

Once you have come up with an idea and want to apply to run a We Are Metric event, just log in and fill in the request form below to submit it to the Deputy President (Finance & Services). A date can then be booked and planning can start, we look forward to receiving your applications!


Cost - We want it to be as cheap and easy as possible for students so there is no hire charge when running a We Are Metric event! All we do is set a minumim bar spend which is calculated as our basic costs, things such as security, equipment setup and DJs (if required). If you don't reach the minimum spend we will just charge your club the difference, this way smaller events will have a lower minimum spend so it shouldn't discourage you.

Capacity & Equipment - Metric has a capacity of 480. It is a fully stocked nightclub with a dancefloor, DJ booth, lights and a bar but we can also provide but are not limited to: Furniture, Food, details of regular DJs, Technititions, Decorations and a Cloakroom.

Tickets & Tabs - You can choose to host a free event or sell tickets, with tickets you can also set up a tab to give out up to 4 drinks tokens redeemable at the bars. Like other bar nights, when your group is charged they'll recieve a 10% discount on the final tab amount!

Dates & Times -You can host a We Are Metric Event on any day of the week except Wednesday and Friday during term time, however we specifically reserve Thursdays and Saturdays just for these events, keep this in mind when selecting dates.

Deadline - Please submit your application at least a month before the planned event date, this will maximise the chance of you getting the day you want and will give us enough time to plan and advertise the event. Requests made at shorter notice will still be considered but the dates are less likely to be free and they will be much harder to organise.

To submit an application log in and fill out the form, for any other questions about hosting a We Are Metric event please get in touch with the Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Please only complete this form if you intend to run a We Are Metric event. Once you receive a Function Sheet for your booking, the event will be considered to be going ahead unless we receive a cancellation request in writing. If you just have a question about running an event in Metric, please get in touch with the Deputy President (Finance & Services) or the Entertainments Coordinator Kristie at

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