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Introducing the all new ICL Hip Hop Soc!

Are you a Hip Hop Head floating around campus wondering whether you're the only one at Imperial who cares which won, Ether or Takeover? Maybe you want to debate how to correctly rank Kanye's discography? Or meet people who understand how severely underrated Freddie Gibbs is? Or maybe you just want to divulge how much you love Lil Pump without feeling judged. Whichever it is, the all new ICL Hip Hop Soc is the place for you!

Hip Hop Society will provide a social space for hip hop enthusiasts at Imperial to share their passions, allowing them to discuss and debate issues within hip hop culture as well as the music itself. The society will aim to be an inclusive and diverse space encouraging members to not only partake in the world of hip-hop fanaticism by catalysing discourse, but to form lasting friendships over a shared passion. Fans of any and all hip hop subgenres and listening experience will be welcomed.

The society will begin activity in full force next academic year. We plan to host casual fortnightly listening party socials which may also feature debates or talks on a range of hip hop related topics. We also plan on arranging discount tickets to hip hop gigs in London! As a new society, we greatly appreciate any support or suggestions! Become a member now - it's free, ya bish!

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