Campaigns A to Z

Are Imperial's sports teams welcoming for our LGBT members?Our LGBT Officer and our sports leaders are working together to understand LGBT participation in sport at Imperial.
The Postgraduate Experience Research Survey (PRES) is great!
Local Community
Every week, Imperial students play sport on the Old Football Pitches in Hyde Park, a free-to-use space. The Royal Parks want to charge - which will only discourage sports, and living a healthy...
Gender Equality
Student loans carry an annual rate of interest - meaning many Muslim students feel unable to accept them while respecting their religious beliefs. A proposed Sharia-compliant loan system would help...
Disability & Mental Health
Exams don't have to mean stress and panic! It's possible to be an excellent student and stay relaxed. With Stress Less, we can show you how.
Local Community
The main aim of Student Volunteering Week is to: - Raise awareness of the value of student volunteering - Celebrate the impact of student volunteers - Inspire more students to get...


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