Campaigns A to Z

Ethics & Environment
The aims of this campaign is to raise awareness of environmental issues at Imperial and in the wider community. Go Green Week is from 16 - 21 February We have plans to host a lot of events over...
Ethics & Environment
We've signed up to the Green Impact scheme, run by the National Union of Students. If you want to see ICU and the student body reduce their environmental impact, sign up now.
Gender Equality
Half the Sky is a movement to raise awareness of the injustices that women suffer throughout the world. It aims to educate people of the nature, scale and causes of these injustices, and most...
The Green Paper poses significant changes to how universities are funded and overseen.
Gender Equality
ICSexism aims to raise awareness and combat sexism on campus. Our 3 main aims: 1. To gather students' experiences We hope to gather your experiences of sexism through our survey , Through sharing...
Fifth and sixth year medics receive a significantly less funding, at one of their most stressful periods. We think this is unfair - help us fight for a fairer settlement.
Ethics & Environment
Mental ill-health is a growing problem for the students of Imperial College London. We believe it's possible to maintain positive mental health while being an effective student and keeping up a busy...
Disability & Mental Health
Mental illness affects a quarter of the population yet at Imperial it's swept under the rug. Mentality aims to change this. We will be campaigning throughout the year to raise awareness, reduce the...
The National Student Survey 2015 is now open! Every year, the NSS gives all final year students in the UK an important opportunity to let universities know if they were satisfied with their...
The Immigration Bill unfairly penalises international students for seeking healthcare or accommodation - and discourages them from applying to British universities. You can help us fight it.


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