Student Volunteering Week

Local Community

The main aim of Student Volunteering Week is to:

    - Raise awareness of the value of student volunteering
    - Celebrate the impact of student volunteers
    - Inspire more students to get involved

We plan to
- Set up a number of one-off volunteering opportunities in the local area to give back to the local community. Some confirmed events include a clean up at the Brompton Cemetery, science outreach in a local school and a day-trip to a museum with local older people
- Have a volunteer profile board throughout the week to celebrate the work volunteers at Imperial do, and what they have gained from these opportunities
- We are also looking into tailoring opportunities for Clubs and Societies - encouraging them to volunteer in the local community
- Have a "thank you" event for all participants of the week, encouraging them to continue to volunteer after the week. Can also tie in quite well with the Union Awards nominations

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