Gender Equality

ICSexism aims to raise awareness and combat sexism on campus.

Our 3 main aims:

1. To gather students' experiences

We hope to gather your experiences of sexism through our survey , Through sharing your stories (anonymously) with the student body, the college and the union, we hope to raise awareness of the level of sexism experienced by students, and highlight areas where change is required to combat sexism on campus. If you have an experience of sexism you want to share, fill in our form or email us on sexism@imperial.ac.uk.

2. To get people talking about it

Through articles in Felix and a series of informal and fun events as well as a panel discussion, we hope to start an open and inclusive conversation on campus about what constitutes sexism and why it's a problem. More broadly, we'd also like to encourage more discussion around gender & feminism.

3. To empower students to make change happen

Through our discussion based events, women's space and weekly Feminist Society meetings, you can take part in discussions aimed at finding ways of tackling sexist behaviour on campus, be it through creating a supportive women's network at Imperial, or influencing the union or college to change its policies...or any other idea you might have.

Take a look at our events page to find out how to get involved

We're looking for bloggers - if you'd be keen to write a short (or long!) blog post for ICSexism, email Maddy.

If you'd like to find out about other ways to get involved, click Support This Campaign!

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