Half the Sky

Gender Equality

Half the Sky is a movement to raise awareness of the injustices that women suffer throughout the world. It aims to educate people of the nature, scale and causes of these injustices, and most importantly to inspire people to bring about change and detail how they can help. The books and documentaries produced as part of the movement profile gender based violence, sex slavery, access to education, economic empowerment and maternal mortality. They explore the mechanisms that allow these rights violations to occur, examine existing efforts to help, try to generate discussion and aim to galvanise people to help end discrimination against women globally.

Watch out for our stalls around campus and the lecture evenings we will be hosting. Hopefully you will be inspired to have a think about what you will do to end the oppression of women worldwide. This could range from reading the books or watching the films produced by Half the Sky to contributing to a girl's education fund, but remember your pledges needn't be financial - we want you to be involved in any way that you can, big or small! You can also find us on Facebook (facebook.com/HTSImperial) and sign up to our mailing list for more information and to see others' pledges.

Campaign goals

  • To educate Imperial Students and staff about the oppression of women worldwide
  • To support a pledge drive among students and staff, inspiring them to contribute to ending women's oppression
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