David Akan



Candidate Manifesto: 

David works in construction as a Planning Manager and lives in Hammersmith with his wife.  While he was growing up his father ran a small business on King Street close to Stamford Brook Station.  David was the first in his family to go to university, where he studied politics and history.  He has been a keen activist ever since, campaigning on a wide range of issues from local allotments to prisoners of conscience.  He decided to join the Green Party because of its focus on thinking long-term to build a sustainable economy and environment.


David says:


“The Green Party believes in a fairer society and a politics that looks to the future.  As a Green, I would reverse the privatisation of the NHS and keep local services open to make sure everyone has access to quality local healthcare.  At the same time I would ensure that those who care for sick and elderly relatives or friends, currently saving the NHS £119 billion a year, get the support and assistance they deserve. 


I would push to make affordable housing genuinely affordable for the average local resident and push for the community to be consulted before investors about any new projects, so that developments always serve the community. I would increase the minimum wage to a living wage to help the 1 in 5 London workers still earning less than the living wage.  I would work to end the more than 4,000 premature deaths in London each year caused by air pollution and create a healthier, more pleasant city by building safe cycling lanes and pedestrian friendly streets.  I believe it is vital to take action on climate change by supporting Britain’s growing renewables industry. 


The effect that smaller parties are having on the national debate shows that voting for what you believe in is never a wasted vote.”

Fund Education Fairly

Here's how David Akan responded to our 3 Key Demands, along with our traffic light evaluations of their responses:

The Green Party recognises that access to education is a positive thing both personally and for society. Our manifesto promises to reintroduce student grants to help with living expenses, but also many of our other policies would help students get by.
The Green Party is the only party that would abolish tuition fees. Recently we have seen that the increases to £9,000 have saved the government no money whatsoever. However, even the fees before the increase were too much. The Green Party believes so strongly that student debt is unethical that we would cancel all existing student debt so that those that are currently studying or graduated would no longer have to pay back their remaining debt to the Students Loans Company.
I have always believed that academia is stronger when you have that variety of people sharing experiences. The Green Party would ensure that universities are properly funded so that universities don't feel the need to use international students as cash cows. Regarding postgraduate students, the Green Party has a long term aim to abolish fees for postgraduate courses.