Charlie Dewhirst

Candidate Manifesto: 

I grew up in Yorkshire, went to Edinburgh University and moved to Hammersmith and Fulham to take up a job in sports broadcasting shortly after finishing my degree. As a journalist I covered sports such as football, rugby union and horse racing before taking that experience into the business world to represent a wide variety of organisations. Ahead of the London 2012 Games I joined UK Sport, the organisation responsible for delivering British Olympic and Paralympic success, where I have spent the last three years.
I wasn’t drawn to politics at a young age and didn’t get involved until my mid-twenties. Indeed I was as cynical as many other young people but it was partly that cynicism that drove me to take an active role. I wanted to make a difference but realised that to do so I had to give my time and energy to politics.
Both my heart and my head led me to join the Conservative Party. I worked at the grassroots for a number of years and in 2010 it was a privilege to be elected as a councillor for Ravenscourt Park Ward. I have greatly enjoyed representing local residents, helping to solve their problems and ensuring that their concerns are heard and understood by the local Council.
Hammersmith is a fantastic place to live and work. It is area of great diversity and contrast. It offers great opportunities but many residents do face daily challenges. It is my priority to ensure that those who need my help most will receive my fullest support.


Fund Education Fairly

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