Belinda Brooks-Gordon

Liberal Democrat
Cities of London and Westminster
Candidate Manifesto: 

Belinda has been campaigning in the Cities of London and Westminster for 20 years. As a community activist, Belinda campaigned to prevent evictions and has a twenty year history of helping the poorest in the constituency, standing up for under-represented women and getting better community safety measures put in place.

Belinda served as an elected councillor in 2009. She secured more investment in domestic violence services and prevented cuts to school transport for children with disabilities. She also successfully campaigned for change in the Education Bill to get part-time students a much better deal and is driven by improving education in London and beyond.

Belinda was born in Belize and spent her teenage years in Nigeria. She left school at 16 and initially worked as a beautician in Selfridges and then Harrods before doing an Access course. She went on to achieve a first class degree in Psychology as a single parent of two children and then completed a PhD in Law at the University of Cambridge. Belinda’s diverse background has inspired her commitment to the values of tolerance, justice, internationalism, and standing up for the most vulnerable in society.

Belinda is well known for her work on equalities and women in business. She was chair of the equalities working group for Liberal Democrat manifesto 2015. She is a member of the Liberal Dempcrat federal policy committee and was recently elected to be part of the policy reference team in case of a hung parliament. 

Professionally Belinda is a University Reader at Birkbeck, University of London where she is also Assistant Dean for Strategy.

Fund Education Fairly

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