Adrian Noble

Chelsea and Fulham
Candidate Manifesto: 

A life-time resident of the London Borough of Sutton.  The majority of my working life has been spent in the private sector in finance.  I currently hold a qualification from the Institute of Credit Management.  At present I work as a finance assistant for the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability.

My political experience began in 2000 when I joined the Conservatives.  During which time, I held various positions in the local association, that included Ward Chairman, Deputy Chairman for political and campaigning, and association chairman.  I stood for local council in 2006, and narrowly failed to get elected by 11 votes.

I left the Conservatives in 2009, because I did not like the direction that David Cameron was taking the party, and his failure to give the British people a referendum on EU membership. All three of the established Parties, have betrayed the good people of this Country.  UKIP is the only party that will guarantee a referendum on our EU membership.  One of the great things about UKIP is that we stand for common sense.  Since joining UKIP I stood twice for local council.

I consider a great honour to have been selected as the UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, for the seat of Chelsea and Fulham.  Given the nature of the area, this should be a very good area for UKIP.  We are the only Party that truly represents the way forward.  I firmly believe that when the good people of this constituency think hard about the way the three traditional parties have let the Country down, that come May 7th 2015 Chelsea and Fulham will be in the UKIP Column.

Away from politics, I enjoy sports and travel.

Fund Education Fairly

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