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Our main target is to mobilise people that already feel they care about the environment, but don't necessarily know how to start. These include students and staff members from across the student body.
We want to join the many groups globally who are lobbying their universities to cut ties with the fossil fuel industry. Many students are not aware at all of where the endowment fund (contributed to by their fees) is invested. We will raise awareness and gain momentum in the form of education of the student/staff body through news articles, reports and scientific evidence on climate change, inclusion in on-campus and London-wide events.
We aim primarily to gain signatures on the Divest Imperial petition and have the college consider its content.
Additionally, we want the young bright minds and influential academics at Imperial College to question their assumptions and motivations behind their career paths and research. As members of the cutting edge of science, we hold special responsibility towards the future generations and the planet's ecosystem.
Our main goal is to make Imperial's Endowment Board consider freezing their investments in fossil fuel industry immediately, followed by a divestment (removal) of their capital in these companies. We would like to see Imperial leading the way to a carbon-free economy and as a champion of climate change action. This necessitates severing its ties from unethical and damaging companies such as Shell and Rio Tinto.

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