We've run the numbers on the effect on participation in clubs and societies of living far from campus. In first year, particpation has always been higher for students in halls on or within walking distance of campus than students in halls further away. More than that: our data also shows that students who lived far from campus are less likely to get involved for their entire degree.

To see the raw data, click here.


The Student Experience Survey 2012 gave students a chance to give the College and Union feedback on life at Imperial and their opinion of the much talked about 'Student Experience'. Here are a few of the many comments that were given about the importance of student accommodation. This survey was conducted before the announcement of W3.

Reasons why living close is good:

  • The location in South Kensington and the proximity to the campus for students living in halls is amazing.
  • Nice that Bernard Sunley is small so you get to know people well.
  • The proximity to other halls and clubs means that socialising is really easy.
  • Living in hall nearby to class. Fantastic hall of residence.
  • My wardens are amazing as are the people I live with.  I could not have asked for a better start to my time at Imperial.


Reasons why living far away is bad:

  • Greatly disappointed in the fact Imperial even offers this halls of residence considering its great distance from campus. Not to mention the costs of living there are overpriced for what it offers. Do not feel like I've experienced university accommodation
  • Far away from campus. Nightmare taking the tube to 9 am lectures.
  • My Hall is also terrible, had I known prior to my UCAS application that I would have been place in Paragon, I would of considered not applying.
  • I don't like my hall. It is simply to far away. It is not fair that some people are just minutes away from their department.
  • The accommodation has been a great disappointment on the whole.



Quick Facts:


  • Garden Hall is the most oversubscribed hall
  • College charges up to £244.94pw for UG accommodation
  • College charges up to £273.44pw for PG accommodation
  • North Acton is a 35-40 minute journey from South Kensington
  • North Acton is Zone 2
  • Evelyn, Garden & Pembridge are the cheapest halls


The planning application (P/2012/2339) for North Acton was submitted early last year, even with the College logo on, to Ealing Council.


The distribution of where our students home addresses are is available here.