Campaigns A to Z

Disability & Mental Health
We believe that many Imperial students with disabilities are missing out on the support and resources they are entitled to. #TalktoDAS encourages students to disclose their disabilities to College.
A humanitarian crisis has engulfed Syria. Action Syria aims to educate Imperial students on the crisis, and offer opportunities to help.
College's proposed One Victoria Road Hall of Residence is overpriced, unwanted, and discourages students from poorer backgrounds from applying to College. Help us oppose it!
We oppose the offering of unpaid internships within College's departments.
Do you have enough money to live on? For many, the combined College and Government bursaries are not enough, which can affect their studies, and their health.
London's accommodation market is over-priced, low-quality and unfriendly to students. Help us campaign for better, more affordable, safer accommodation.
Ethics & Environment
Our main target is to mobilise people that already feel they care about the environment, but don't necessarily know how to start. These include students and staff members from across the student body...
Fund Education Fairly is our ongoing campaign to enact change in how our students pay for their education. There are a number of avenues for this including lobbying college and the government, but...
Imperial College Union now offers several gender neutral toilets, ensuring safe and accessible toilets for all of our members.
General Election
On 7 May 2015, the United Kingdom will go to the polls in the least predictable General Election for a generation. Will you make your voice heard? To ensure our students have the biggest possible...


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