On Imperial’s Secret Service

Deputy President (Finance & Services)

It’s been a phenomenal year for the team organising the Summer Ball - we have record sales, one of the biggest name headline acts, a third stage for student bands and a Silent Disco and we’ve managed to increase our capacity. There’s still time to buy yours, but with every day we get closer to selling out and to the increased price for door sales assuming we have any at all left on the night! The Afterparty too has been selling faster than ever before and were already almost at capacity.

If you haven’t got your ticket already, why not? I’m really looking forward to seeing all of our acts. The Secret Agent theme is going to be a great chance to dress up in your best and will really suit some of our brilliant acts; and not just the headliners, it’ll also be great to hear IC Big Band and Jazz blasting out a Bond theme or two in their set. Obviously Professor Green should be great but I’m also looking forward to the fireworks and funfair…I just hope I get a few minutes to enjoy them while on a break!

I want to say a big thanks to all the team organising the event for their fantastic work this year and I’m confident they are going to put on one of the best Summer Balls in the entire time I’ve been here (9 years so that’s practically forever). And also to all the volunteers like the student bands, Jazz and Rock, IC Big Band, DramSoc who will be doing all the tech, A Cappella, IC Links for helping with the First Aid and generally all the people that have given up their time to make the Ball a phenomenal experience this year. Now all that’s left is for you all to come along and enjoy the fruits of their labours.
See you all there.



Alex Savell



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