Photo of Jonas Rauchhaus

Jonas Rauchhaus

Bioengineering: Year Three Academic Representative (Computational Stream)

Choosing the new Computational Bioengineering pathway was not a simple decision for me. I was concerned because it would be the first year that it will be offered and thus its academic contents might not be fully fleshed out yet. I am sure that some if not all of you had similar thoughts.
Nonetheless, we all chose the new stream because we see the strong influence of computing in biomedical engineering today and its even greater potential in the future. I would like to become academic representative because I want to ensure that we will be well prepared to join this field after graduation.
We should appreciate that the department is already offering the stream for us. However, there are still many opportunities for further development and improvement. If I were elected academic rep, my priority would be to try to extend the number of computational electives that will be offered. There are still so many exciting possibilities that could be explored by the department such as bioinformatics for genetics or data science and machine learning. I also think it would be very beneficial for us to extend the cooperation with the computing department and have joint modules together where appropriate.
To achieve this, I would make sure to take into account all of your opinions and preferences and directly convey them to the department. My goal is that going forward no one should have doubts anymore about the skills and knowledge that are imparted by the Computational Bioengineering pathway.