Photo of Nanaki Maitra

Nanaki Maitra

Medicine: MSc Genomic Medicine (full-time)


My name is Nanaki Maitra, and I am running to be your Academic Representative for MSc Genomic Medicine. I have recently completed my undergraduate studies from Imperial College London. Over the last three years, I have held positions both within my BSc course and extra-curricular societies that have not only developed my organisation and communication skills, but has also given me insights into ensuring efficient coordination between the students, course leaders, and the Student Union.

If chosen as your representative, I aim to do the following:
- I will prioritize efficient communication between you and the module leaders to ensure all information is relayed in a timely manner, especially any queries regarding the assignments
- Create an accessible anonymous feedback form, so that you can comfortably voice your opinion on the structure, content, and logistics of the course (and hold your representatives accountable!)
- Liaise with the Departmental Representatives on issues pertaining to academics and student welfare so that you can make the most of the support system available to you
- Organise informal course socials, and convey information about other big union events so that you can make the most of your time at Imperial!

I recognize that our Genomic medicine course is made up of a diverse student body, and if chosen as your representative, it will be my priority that each opinion is valued so that you can have a fruitful experience on this course!