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chitra Tejpal

Medicine: MSc Genomic Medicine (full-time)

I know that everyone has their reasons for being here and doing this course, for most of you it hasn't been an easy journey to get to where you are now. The dedication, long hours of work and every ounce of energy you have. Everyone has come to this course from different stages of their lives and having different experiences. I understand that it can be nerve-racking starting a new course, making new friends, starting from scratch at a new university or even having moved to this country just a few days before starting this course.
It is a great achievement to end up at Imperial College London and being here we should now make the most out of it. We are here to succeed and that happens with adjusting certain topics, how the lectures are presented to us, or even extra resources and help where needed within the course. All in all to best fit our understanding and interests to achieve the best we can. In certain circumstances it can be hard to directly approach a staff member whether that be a personal or academic situation but you can confide in me. I am here to put forward any enquires you have, and here for your personal support.
I want to be a voice for everyone and anyone who needs me.