Photo of Alex Gabel

Alex Gabel

Computing: MSc (Artifical Intelligence)

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm running as your MSc AI academic representative!

This brand spanking new course in AI is begging for feedback from us (in the guise of reinforcement learning, if you will). I have previously held a similar position during my master's course in mathematical and theoretical physics, prompting a number of considerable changes. I speak 4 languages and a bit of Spanish, so come at me with your suggestions, amigo. By telling the university what works and what doesn't we have the ability to shape the future of this undeniably influential course and consequently the discipline as a whole.

If you vote for me, you'll be assured of three things:
1) I will be available around the clock to take your concerns (and crucially, positive feedback) in order to create a substantial report for the organizing body.
2) Questionnaires, Q&As, polls, etc. will be shared in the online groups. Discussions about the course might spontaneously erupt in the company of colleagues during breaks.
3) Socials will be organized on a regular basis (think: bowling, AI pub trips, parasailing... the possibilities are truly endless!)

If you're still not convinced: just look at my photo. I'm riding a dragon.