Photo of Hilliam Tung

Hilliam Tung

Liberation & Community: Disabilities Officer

Hi, I’m Hilliam.

It can seem so disconnected that as your CGCU Treasurer, I’m running for Disabilities Officer, however, just a year ago, I came to Imperial as a 1st year, struggling to cope with the social aspect of university. I found it hard to fit in due to my inability to grasp emotional intelligence, where I failed at social interactions and succeeded in awkward silences and short conversations. I always downplayed as not being a disability growing up because of my mask of professionalism I always kept on until uni.

My time spent last year volunteering at charities for autistic children and assisting with student outreach campaigns for the Disability Advisory Service (DAS) alongside being a regular user has helped me a lot over the past year, and volunteering at and organising campus-wide student events such as ICHack 19 has helped me meet good friends, but for others, it can be hard to take that first step, which I can attest to from my own experience.

Stepping up as Disabilities Officer will allow me to continue helping others, but also have the platform to challenge the College to better support those with disabilities.

As your Disabilities Officer, I will:
- Hold student groups on what College can do to improve awareness or appreciation of support services.
- Work with Shervin to lobby for the removal of £95 DAS diagnosis cost.
- Launch events such with disability-focus e.g "Inclusion in Industry", and initiatives that bring better representation of those with disabilities to Imperial.