Photo of Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Design Engineering: Year Three Wellbeing Representative

I want to bring positivity back to DE3. Last year was tough and it seems like most of us forgot we are on the coolest course at one of the best universities in the world! To fix this I need you to vote me in as your wellbeing representative and this is why:

I want to get tutors to highlight work that stood out even if it doesn’t align with the mark scheme and potentially (with the student’s permission) publish some of the best work from coursework projects for the year to see.

Everyone’s voice should be heard and so I want to personally make sure I have had a conversation with everyone at least once a term. I will then help people raise and sort important issues they may not have known how to. I will also be around and happy to make time if someone wanted to speak more immediately.

Poor feedback is rife within Design Engineering so to tackle this I want to have a discussion about any bad quality feedback given with the lecturer and the rest of the year in the hope the tutor team may become more transparent.

I would do my best to ensure a range of levels of exemplar work is given and states where a specification has changed.

I also promise to be a dog with a bone when it comes to chasing up marks!

Oh, I also want to do des eng merch!!

Please vote for Rachel <3