Photo of Amy Mather

Amy Mather

Design Engineering: Year Three Wellbeing Representative

I learnt a lot last year during my time as your wellbeing rep and I would love to act upon what I’ve learnt, to be an even better representative for you this year.

Last year was very difficult for me and I was presented with a lot of personal challenges to overcome. Despite this, I ensured all my responsibilities as your wellbeing rep were met and am now familiar with a lot of the services the college offers, so have personal insights as to what can be improved.

After successfully proposing, organising and delivering free fruit in term 2, I would like to make this happen regularly as it was a tasty way to tackle some challenges we face as deadlines loom.

I’ve already started working towards securing more funding for the department’s wellbeing team and for the coming year I want to:
- Collate staff & students’ stories about what changes they have made that have actively boosted their wellbeing whilst at university;
- Organise inter-year activities to help maintain the community atmosphere I love about this school;
- Work with the union to improve Imperial’s poor sexual assault policies.

If you would like to talk more about wellbeing feel free to stop me for a chat and we can share ideas!

Finally, I would like to thank whoever nominated me for the union’s wellbeing representative of the year award last year. I wasn’t expecting to be nominated let alone shortlisted; it was a very sweet end to a tough year for me.