Photo of Julia Gimbernat Mayol

Julia Gimbernat Mayol

Bioengineering: Year Three Wellbeing Representative

Hi all! I’m Julia (Spanish, brown hair, sits at the front, smiles all the time, gives the best advice on where to find the best beaches in Spain) and I’d love to be this year’s wellbeing rep to increase the communication between people in our year.
I’m tired of hearing: “I swear I’ve never seen this person before in my life” whenever we have an exam that everyone is forced to attend or “I’d love to meet this person, but we have literally no friends in common”. Panopto is also my best friend but it’s also fun to talk to other people who are struggling with the same stuff! So I’m basically here to create the excuses for you to talk to people you’ve never talked to before!

I truly enjoyed the experience of being an academic rep last year. It was an opportunity to get to know more of you and I believe I did contribute to make positive changes in our year (comp. stream, deadline extensions, info on non-technical modules, etc.). So please, allow me to do that once again! ;)