Photo of Victor Globokar

Victor Globokar

Medicine: Biomedical Science - Year One Wellbeing Representative

Hi, I'm Victor. Here's what you need to know.

First off, in terms of wellbeing, I have professional experience, probably not something a lot of other first year uni students can say. I’m a First Aider with St John Ambulance and a cadet instructor with the London Fire Brigade, so not only do I already have professional training in safeguarding and welfare, I’ve also picked up a few nuances about talking/listening to people, which I would hope makes me easier to approach about sensitive subjects. I also took a year out before uni, where I worked in an environment completely based on contact with people, and at this point I'm just listing off completely normal things. You'll love my next point.

I have a little brother, which you might not think is significant, but I’ve definitely pulled from that protective sibling instinct in the past when dealing with welfare issues, and I think it’s a good extra perspective to have.

Overall, I’d say I’m a pretty good problem solver for life dilemmas, since I know how to empathise (I mean we are in the same year of the same course so it isn’t a big leap in imagination. If you’re worried about something, other people or even I have probably been worried about that same thing at some point) but also stay logical if you ever need an impartial view on an issue/decision. (No 3 am calls about a break up though, please. I have compassion, but not THAT much)