Photo of Lauren Wheeler

Lauren Wheeler

Medicine: Biomedical Science - Year One Wellbeing Representative

Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m standing for the well-being rep position on the BMB course. It will be really exciting to get to know you all over the next few weeks and I would love the opportunity to help support you all as we progress through our first year!

I will start with a quote from Winnie the Pooh which I think conveys a really important message that could be helpful for us all to remember during our studies:

“Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”

As your well-being rep I would ensure that each and every member of our course feels happy, safe and secure both in their academic and personal life.

If elected I will share my contact details (and more motivational quotes!) so that you can get in touch any time. Whether you need advice about who to contact with a problem or just want to meet up for a chat over coffee and cake or sushi (I’d be down for either :) )

I would also organise activities to help us start to bond as a course. I was thinking that a Lab pod secret Santa at Christmas or group outing to Westfield could be fun!

I truly believe that having a good work-life balance is fundamental to success and maintaining good mental health is crucial, especially to students. As your rep I would do my best to ensure that everyone has a stress-free first year at Imperial!