Photo of Anissa Alloula

Anissa Alloula

Medicine: Biomedical Science - Year One Wellbeing Representative

My name is Anissa and I’d really like to be your wellbeing representative this year for BMB.
I think I have the right qualities for this role as firstly I genuinely enjoy listening to people. If I become your well-being rep, I promise that I will always be open to listen to all of you (actually regardless of whether I get elected or not:)) whether it be for more global concerns relating to the course, or more personal ones, and that I will consistently do my best to discuss these issues with the staff, to direct you to the adequate person, or to do whatever else is necessary. I know we will all experience this year differently as we are obviously all quite different, and that is why I think that for all views to be included it is essential that the rep listens.
Also, I have experience in coordination and communication with teachers and people in administration as I was class president for my three years of high school, and I am therefore used to being in regular communication with the school’s staff in order to ensure that the students’ views are represented.
Finally, I would say that I am a responsible and organised person, and if I get elected I will attend all meetings and do all that is required of me as quickly as I can.
Have a great day:)