Photo of Inigo Selwood

Inigo Selwood

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Hello, my name’s Inigo. I’m a bilingual French speaker, a drummer, a dreadful athlete, and a self-professed lightweight.

My two principal concerns are: coping with stress, and preserving the environment. I have a history of campaigning for sustainable policy, and I’m a person who feels the effects of stress regularly and physically; these are issues that are really personal to me, and which I’ll place my whole focus on.

At college I was part of a move towards recyclable packaging for lunches. I also put forward a proposal to move to locally sourced produce, which sought to cut carbon emissions and support local businesses. I can’t say I know what opportunities there are in this position to affect change in environmental policy, but I can guarantee that it’ll fight conscientiously for the planet.

Everyone reacts to pressure differently, but for me it’s always been a big issue. I know the impact of an intense workload, and I know the toll it can take on your health. With stress, and indeed with all mental health concerns, I’ll push forward an agenda of support and understanding.

Now that you know me, and you know my agenda, I’d like to take a moment to endorse Aleksei Wishart in his campaign for our year’s academic representative. He’s a top guy with some great ideas.