Photo of Madeleine Pramoedya

Madeleine Pramoedya

Biochemistry: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Before you go on and decide who to vote for in this election season, I would like to ask you one question: how are you today, really? As you reflect on the blur of the past few weeks I'm sure you can recall many fun times but perhaps also some not-so-fun ones. The highs and lows of these past few weeks will be reflective of the year to come and I hope I can play a part in supporting you in your not-so-fun moments as your Departmental Wellbeing Representative.

As your potential Departmental Wellbeing Representative, my goals would be to:

1. Create an environment in which international students are comfortable to seek advice on issues concerning wellbeing away from home.
2. Ensure when students have issues they are directed to the correct professionals for support and they are comfortable with who they are directed to.
3. Ensure all facilities available for support are made known.
4. Ensure feedback from students on how the department can better support your wellbeing are passed on and advocated to superiors.

In addition, my experience as a long-term peer helper in my high school has given me basic training in confidentiality and skills relevant to this role such as listening, organisation and patience. I also have volunteered to teach underprivileged girls English and Maths weekly which allowed me to cultivate leadership skills and my ability to resolve conflicts. Hence, I believe that these experiences will allow me to achieve my goals should I be elected.