Photo of Omar Al-Khatib

Omar Al-Khatib

Electronic & Information Engineering: Year Two Wellbeing Representative

Hey y’all! Notwithstanding the wry winks and hijinks of ex-second years, we should be just fine. But this requires that our lecturers communicate the scope of coursework clearly. We each have our own strengths, so the difficulty of a module/topic varies on an individual basis making it impossible for “indicated hours” to indicate much. Moreover, learning/doing things for the first time inherently means that we cannot always gauge the effort needed. Consequently, I’m looking to ensure communication is crystal clear; our best bet for avoiding the unwanted stimulation of rushed coursework, Red Bull and all-nighters (or at least reducing it to a clinically safe level).

An evened-out workload is also paramount. Many were of the opinion (myself included) that last year’s second term had significantly less work than the first. This was exacerbated by the fact that many had moved countries in the first term and we had all just started Uni, not to mention the dreaded fresher's flu. I am standing because I will always listen to the issues that matter to you and forward them to the decision makers. Additionally, I will be on the lookout for avoidable stressors and polling the cohort before taking action. That’s enough from me, this is about addressing your wellbeing so PM me with any queries about my views on wellbeing in EIE.

P.S. I did four years of Psychology but can’t offer counseling, I can only bore you with cognitive theory over a cuppa Joe, if that’s your thing of course :)