Photo of Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Year Two Wellbeing Representative

Mental health is one of the most important things that students entering into university will have to deal with. As a second year EEE student, I myself know how difficult it is making the transition into a whole new world filled with stress and uncertainty and how it affects students every single day. It is for this reason that I am standing for the role of wellbeing officer, as the mental and physical wellbeing of my peers and fellow students is critical to me and I hope that in my remaining years at this university I can try and make a difference to the lives of struggling students who remain in silence.

I am a firm believer that there is always something to improve. At Imperial, the wait time for a mental health appointment is between 4-8 weeks. This is something that I am desperate to improve, pledging to make our support network both more approachable and more readily available with support from the University, as I am fully aware of how essential it is to be seen quickly and address the issue before it can get any worse.

Most of all, I want students to feel comfortable in approaching me for any feedback on what they feel needs improving; I want to make sure that everyone feels as though they are part of the process. With such rapidly changing attitudes towards mental health in current society, I am very driven to make sure that Imperial changes as well.