Photo of Gokul Krishnan Kutty

Gokul Krishnan Kutty

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Year Two Wellbeing Representative

Life at university can get stressful at times, especially for second year when a lot is expected from you. At times like this, it is very important to keep your mental and physical health in check to be able to have a well balanced academic and social excellence. To that end, my aim as a wellbeing rep, if elected, would be to create an environment supportive for students to maximise their potential. I hope to achieve this by implementing the following –
• Reduce the stigma around seeking help by sharing my own experience of the difficulties at Imperial and by facilitating meetings between students and the wellbeing service providers.
• To work with the wellbeing officers and other members of the department in providing the students in need of help with the necessary assistance as soon as possible.
• Act as a medium between the faculty members and the students by improving the student feedback system and conducting surveys at each interval.
• To help in identifying and implementing effective methods of teaching and sharing it with the faculty to maybe reduce the number of students sleeping during lectures.
• Finally, to just be a person to come and talk to about literally anything, during times when life gets difficult.
I believe that my experience of working at SBI and participating at major social events like Rangoli last year has given me the confidence, positivity and approachability to take up this role and it would be an honour to get elected.