Photo of Athar Kamran

Athar Kamran

Chemical Engineering: Year Four Wellbeing Representative

Hi all,

A very warm welcome to all the new students at Imperial, I am sure you'll have a wonderful time. I am standing once again this year as your 4th year wellbeing representative. As many of you already know, the college puts alot of emphasis on academic excellence. That is where the wellbeing representative network comes in. We collate with the academic departments and the Imperial College student union to organise events, sign post and raise awareness on issues faced by students concerning everything from mental health, general relationships, housing and so much more.

I was elected as the 3rd year wellbeing representative in the ChemEng department and organised many wonderful events. Our most successful events were the dog-petting events organised to improve student wellbeing during the peak times of project submission and exam season. I hope to organise similar events this year aswell, so everyone can come over, have a chill time and just relax. I usually sit in the study rooms and I am always available for a chat to help you all sort out any issues you may have.

As a closing note, once you graduate you wanna look back at these four years and describe them as pretty exciting days. Despite the uncertainty of it all, you wanna say you had fun. I need your support to make that real. And finally, study hard, party harder - but like stay safe.