Photo of Luka Kesic

Luka Kesic

Medicine: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Wellbeing and welfare is something very easily overlooked by ourselves and those around us. From a schooling system where the frequency of our progress being checked through work, tutors and our parents could feel suffocating, the freedom of Uni can be exhilarating – but it also overwhelming. The mechanisms in place to give us support when we are flagging are no longer there; we are expected to reach out and ask for that help ourselves. This is something we don’t always do when we should; it’s tempting to internalise negative thoughts and feelings, especially in a place like Uni, where one can feel insignificant quite easily. This will remain true whatever rep you vote for; why vote for me?
The availability and ease of access to support for myself and those around me has gained deep significance for me after the support my college provided during my parents’ separation, because of the decision I made, against my instinct, to seek help. I want to make sure that every medical student feels that they can make that step to ask for help when they need it, and that that help makes a difference. I personally want a medical wellbeing rep who I feel will fight for change within the system to make that support more visible and available. If you think I may best fit that role, I urge you to vote for me and make your voice heard through someone that actually cares about the change they are advocating.