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Haider Nazerali

Medicine: Year One Wellbeing Representative

I'm putting myself forward for Year 1 Med Wellbeing Rep because helping ensure everyone is happy and comfortable throughout our course, for me, seems like one of the best uses of the little free time we have.

In terms of ability to carry out the role: I try and go out of my way to make myself as approachable as possible - as those of you who have already met me hopefully can tell. Skills-wise I was lucky to have a number of opportunities at school representing the student body and in addition to this, I worked as an Assistant Programme Director for an educational charity in my gap year; these experiences have given me insight and practise with communicating ideas and pushing constructive positive changes, lots of teamwork stuff... (writing this is giving me Personal Statement flashbacks)

There are currently 3 areas I am initially hoping to work on:
- Creating systems for clearer information about social events (a centralised place or 'Social Calendar' for confirmed timings/locations as opposed to the current mix of rumours, groupchats, IG posts, and an FB event, which often all have different information)
- Inclusion of the increasing number of people who don't live in Halls (more events which don't start and end so late, a non-gross microwave at Charing Cross etc.)
- Inclusion of the increasing number of people who don't drink (especially during Freshers Fortnight, where the vast majority of events centred around alcohol meaning that many people didn't bother buying wristbands)

Please vote thank you :)