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Aya Asse

Medicine: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Hello everyone!

My name is Aya and I’m a first year medic. The BMA and GMC are turning their attention to something new: supporting our mental health as medical students!

For the past two years of A-levels, I was burnt-out, anxious and emotionally exhausted - but I continued pushing myself. It was only once I had finished my A-levels that I realised the toll it had taken on my wellbeing - and I am still healing and learning how to take care of my mental health with the help of support.
That’s why I genuinely want to help others who are going through something similar.


1 - Encourage self-love and tenderness: putting patients first is one of the reasons we have applied to Medicine, but your wellbeing is absolutely the most valuable thing - and it should never be compromised.

2- Publicise counselling services more: reporting a mental health issues will NOT affect your ability to practice - if anything you will come out as a more compassionate, organised, and diligent doctor of you seek support! The door is ALWAYS open.

3- Starting discussion circles: support for mental health cannot be delivered in an article or step-by-step guide alone - I want us to actually TALK to each other about how we feel in a safe space. That human connection that we get from talking to a counsellor or discussion circles is what gets us to open up.

If you think I’m good enough to represent you, please vote!