Photo of Emily Li

Emily Li

Materials: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Hello, it's Emily Li running for your Materials Year One Wellbeing Rep! As a fresher like you, I’m also adjusting to this brand-new lifestyle, and admittedly, rather successfully so far. I relay much of this to my fortune of meeting such a supportive cohort like yourselves, thus throughout the year, I’d love to do everything within my power to maintain this bond as your representative voice.

Prior experience as a student mentor developed my patience and empathy, having listened to struggles of students ranging from anger issues to OCD; my roles as House leader/student ambassador allowed me to hone organisational and communicational skills in favour of representing a larger student body—equipping me with sound foundation to build upon as your future Wellbeing Rep.

Should I be elected, my aims would be to:
- Arrange regular drop-in workshops for budgeting, timetabling, self-defense and/or any alternatives as per requested;

- Promote understanding/remove stigma around mental illnesses by hosting events including public speakers and activities to raise awareness;

- Ensure communication between students and staff by sending frequent but short surveys to keep feedback up-to-date, creating an accessible directory of support services, hosting collaborative events within our/with other cohorts such as multi-cultural potlucks/Secret Santas etc.

By achieving these aims, I hope to foster a safer environment in which students feel comfortable speaking up and seeking necessary support for a positive, healthy university experience.

Thank you for reading, feel free to get in contact with me should you have any queries or concerns.