Photo of Arushee Kadam

Arushee Kadam

Materials: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Mental health is something that is often overlooked, especially during challenging times such as the start of the year or exam times. Having had people close to me suffer from personal issues, social problems, or the burden of a workload that is too intensive, I have learnt to recognise the warning signs when it is happening. I have also seen first-hand how being well-adjusted, well-supported, and confident can make a huge difference when it comes to our performance and happiness in university, which is why I want to be the wellbeing rep – to make sure that everyone in our year feels safe and comfortable.
Given the changes in our course, there are bound to be issues and instances where there is just too much work scheduled for one time. If I become wellbeing rep, I intend to keep an eye on this to ensure that our workload never gets overwhelming for anyone. Moreover, I will listen to any and all problems that you have involving your health and take the appropriate action, whether it is talking to the professors about rescheduling assignments, raising awareness about serious issues like personal safety, or just offering advice. My aim is to create an environment where none of us would hesitate to speak up and get help if we were having any difficulties, academic or otherwise. I hope to be able to represent and support our year as wellbeing rep!