Photo of Tuan Le

Tuan Le

Mechanical Engineering: Year Two Wellbeing Representative


I'm Tuan :D and I would like to stand as your ME2 Wellbeing Rep.

Being in MechEng is like running around in Hyde Park in the nice warm sun, you're going fast and it's extremely fun and there are dogs appearing out of nowhere - thanks CGCU! But if you don't stop once in a while to rehydrate and reapply your sunscreen, you're going to find yourself exhausted and sunburnt.

What will I do?
+ I will rehydrate your thirst for knowledge, all the while making sure we are not being waterboarded with assignments and deadlines and unneeded hurdles throughout your day-to-day. Focusing on the delivery of content and assignments to better suit the non-machine human taking the course.
+ I will reapply the metaphorical suncream that is motivation and enthusiasm so we don't get burnt out. Focusing on more inclusive departmental social events that strengthen inter-year bonds between students, and bridging the gaps between students and course leaders.

Metaphors aside, the course by nature is intensive - it's not a complaint, but a fact. But for such an intensive course, there needs to be a much MORE INTENSIVE support system in place, especially when it comes to mental health awareness, care & treatment accessibility, and check-in system.

One of the things I love about MechEng is its community. The other being the course's ever standing belief that it can always do better. So together let's show them how.