Photo of Austin Heath

Austin Heath

Mechanical Engineering: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Moving away from home and into a completely new environment - both domestically and academically - sounds like quite a daring move, but we’ve all done it and we’re all still here. Despite that, I think we’d be lying if we said we haven’t had troubles already or weren’t going to have them at some point this year. And that is why I am running for welfare rep; so I can do my utmost to lighten the burdens we’ll all have to face. Whether I do that by directing you to a trained staff member who can help you, listening to your feedback and passing it on to make it come to fruition or organising events and get-togethers, as welfare rep I would be active in trying to improve happiness and positivity in Mech Eng students.
I have lots of ideas on what I’d like to implement if I were chosen to be your welfare rep; from meeting for a group chat about how things are going during those awkward 2 hour lunch breaks to tea and revision in the morning of an exam day. However, my applying for this role is more about you than me; I would love to get feedback on anything, if you’re feeling stressed or lonely, or simply think room 200 is too cold, I want to hear it and do my best to make changes to improve your experience of studying Mech Eng at Imperial. Thanks for reading this far and please vote for me!