Photo of Sharaz Anwer

Sharaz Anwer

Mathematics: Year Two Wellbeing Representative

Hello to all who are reading this.
My name is Sharaz Anwer and the reason why you should vote for me is simple: I WILL FIGHT FOR OUR WELLBEING!
I am tenacious and determined, I shall gather any and all issues we have with well being and report them to those above us. No matter how small your problem is with our course, I will brawl to the bone to get us what we NEED.
Without a doubt, I am not one to shy away from a difficult situation, whether it be the rest of the council or the academic staff that I must reason with, I shall do so with gusto for you, the students of maths!

To be concise, a vote for this bag of muscle fat and tissue, is a vote for fighting our well being issues.