Photo of Aya Hayakawa

Aya Hayakawa

Mathematics: Year Two Wellbeing Representative

Hi everyone, I’m Aya and I am running for Wellbeing Rep for Year 2.
Wellbeing is an extremely important part of university life and yet it is something that is not addressed enough. To be very honest, I didn’t pay so much attention to it myself, before joining Imperial. I've learnt how important it is to be aware of your wellbeing and I believe there are always things we could work on to build and develop a community where everyone feels more welcome and comfortable; whether it is through raising awareness of mental wellbeing, physical health or any other concerns.
One of the biggest goals I have is to promote the support network and various services available at Imperial. As your wellbeing rep, I would like to ensure that everyone knows there is always support should you need any. I would also like to improve the quality of our Common Room, so that it can be used even more frequently as a social space where students can relax, socialise, and tackle problem sheets together! I would take my responsibility to address any concerns or opinions you many have and provide a platform where people can openly talk about anything and are encouraged to actively engage in improving our community’s wellbeing overall.
With my experience of working closely with my school’s wellbeing officer as part of Student Council and National Honour Society in the past, I believe I can bring about positive changes and help enriching your university life at Imperial.