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Christine Zhang

Mathematics: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Problems sheets are lowkey killing me so this will be a weak manifesto but:

Hello! My name is Christine if we haven’t met yet - basically I’m struggling and would like to be a rep to aid everyone else who’s struggling and change things so that future years struggle less. I personally am Not finding the introductory module to be a smooth and easy transition into university, but even if you’re not struggling at all with the course, general well-being is so much more than academic success, and if issues arise outside academia I can help with that too!

I was on the prefect team at my old school (not a flex) so have a lot of experience relating feedback from the year to higher ups and persuading them to make positive changes (and they did!)

My insta bio has been ‘hmu for chats/advice/a neutral ear/anything’ for over a year now and this still stands for any of you regardless of whether or not I become wellbeing rep! Slide into my dms!

Vote me :)