Photo of Hana Watson

Hana Watson

JMC: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Hi, I'm Hana (yes, with the edgy spelling). I'm a JMC fresher, and I'm standing for Year One Wellbeing Rep.

I have no problem with talking to departmental members responsible for any sources of stress, and I'm firmly committed to JMC rights. The workload's already heavy, and my main goal is to help you cope. I want to work with you and the department to solve any problems, like talking to lecturers about letting JMC students go either first or early as (as you know) we can get let out late and it's pretty stress-inducing. I plan to work with the Academic Rep to find a solution to the lack of computers or seats when we don't have the option to get to labs or lectures in time. I'm going to listen to you all if you have any problems, and I'll be there to help you find the right support if you need it. And, of course, I'm going to sort out some JMC merch.

On a less serious note, go visit my campaign Twitter on which I will literally just tweet #jmcrights every day. Vote for me!