Photo of Vincent Wang

Vincent Wang

Computing: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Hi! I'm Vincent - a first generation Chinese Londoner who is passionate about mental health.

We are starting on what is arguably one of the most intensive university/course combinations in the country. Because of this it is imperative that we properly look after our health - both physical and mental.

As someone who has struggled with mental health in the past. I know how hard it can be to keep everything to yourself and to feel like you are powerless in changing your situation. If you can't turn to the people around you, the department and university can help support you - please don't suffer in silence. Additionally, we can negotiate with the department to try to implement the changes we want to see. If you let me be your wellbeing representative I will ensure that you know how to access to the relevant support if you ever need it and that any and all thoughts you have regarding student wellbeing are heard by the department.

I will listen diligently to your concerns regarding any stress, pressure or anything else that could be affecting your health, that is related to the department or course, raising any issues with the department on your behalf with full anonymity. I am determines to Our time at university should be academically fulfilling without being detrimental our health.

I hope we all have a great year,,, I'm sure that we will all, at the very least, survive it