Photo of Emily Yau

Emily Yau

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Year Four Wellbeing Representative

Maybe the term ‘wellbeing’ is being thrown around a lot but looking after your mental, physical and emotional health is more important than ever, especially in these days of being constantly connected online and the intense social media focus on ‘living your best life’. Imperial life can be tough and this year brings the additional stress of planning life after uni. Speaking about your emotions and worries really does help though and I hope that everyone in this year feels that they can trust me and have a chat with me. I really love listening to and helping people. Combatting loneliness is a cause that is important to me, which is why I’ve signed up to volunteer with Age UK to be a friend to older people. Whether I get to be your wellbeing rep or not this year, please feel free to reach out to me at any time and we’ll get coffee or something
Being your wellbeing rep last year was a valuable and rewarding experience so if someone else stands for this role, consider voting for them too!
Best wishes, Emily :)