Photo of Meghan Daharwal

Meghan Daharwal

Bioengineering: Year Two Wellbeing Representative

Firstly, to those of you who are reading this, MASSIVE THANKS!

Now for the main bit. So, those of you who know me well enough, I'm quite confident that you're happy to vote for me! Those of you who haven't met me yet, here's what you came to read:

• I was Year Rep for both Wellbeing and Academics last year! Which means, I've done this before, I know the order and process of things and I can get straight to work with minimal learning time!

• In my highschool days, I've participated in 4 annual Model United Nations conferences, 3 of them as an ambassador. What does this mean? Nothing more than the fact that I've had enough time to polish my persuasive and debate speaking and writing skills. I got to use and improve these same skills last year as a student caller for Imperial where I raised funds over the phone. Think about it, if I can get funding over the phone, I believe I'm ready to voice the student body too!

• Over the last year, I also directed a couple of short films- I definitely know how and when to turn my assertive side on!

I'm back and I'm more confident than I was last year! Let's go get it!