Photo of Bishr Al-Badri

Bishr Al-Badri

Bioengineering: Year One Wellbeing Representative

Hi! My name is Bishr and I’m not just running for this position to have a sense of leadership or feel responsible for something for once in my life, but because I genuinely love it. I love to listen, talk, discuss the meaning of life and all things in between. The most beautiful thing to me witnessing someone unfold their mind. Throughout my last years of school, I enjoyed nothing more than being the head councillor and being an output to everyone around. I’ve heard it all and helped with things beyond what I thought someone could go through, but my passion only grew more to continue being and forming a support system for everyone. If I were to be the well-being leader of my department the one word I’d want to be defined by is approachable (and funny). Whatever time of day or night it’d be fulfilling to be someone’s source of positivity, no matter how much they may need it. Thank you for actually reading my manifesto and if you wish to get in touch and/or ask anything I’m going to be overly formal and provide my email: